2020 Climate For Inclusion Survey 

For over a decade our IPG's Diversity and Inclusion team has been conducting an annual Climate for Inclusion Survey (CFI). Diversity,  equity, well-being and inclusion are important and necessary values for all our employees, and we have made them a priority for many years now. 

 What is a climate for inclusion?
A climate for inclusion is an environment that makes it possible for all employees to have the opportunity to feel included, be fully engaged and contribute their best efforts to the organization’s success. This environment is also the ecosystem that drives innovation through inclusive leadership behaviors and leads to employees’ perceptions of fair performance feedback and assessments of potential.

How is it different this year?
With unprecedented challenges due to the global pandemic and elections in the US, there is an even greater sense of urgency to take action toward meaningful change and progress. This survey helps us understand how employees feel and if they can count on equity, dignity, and respect from each other, and what else can make work a safe and positive place for everyone to be when the outside world might not be.   

To learn more about this year's CFI survey, click here.