“We engage in D + I activity to do what’s morally right and to create competitive advantage for ourselves and for our clients.  The business case makes this a compelling corporate priority; when we survey our people, they clearly understand that we are serious about these efforts and that we intend to roll them out globally.  But, in the end, the results are what count.”

 --Michael I. Roth, Chairman and CEO, IPG

In building and promoting diversity and inclusion (D + I) throughout our organization, we intend to be the world’s most inclusive network of marketing services companies. At our agencies and at the holding company level we are working to make diversity and inclusion a part of our DNA. 

We are invested in this cause for two reasons. First, it’s the right thing to do. Equally important, there is a strong business case for a culture of inclusion. When we fully harness the power of diversity, we become better partners to our clients, a more attractive destination for future generations of employees and a company positioned to build on recent success in growing our business and creating value for our shareholders.

In order to achieve these objectives, we began by putting in place the industry’s first Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion in 2003. This office supports Interpublic’s corporate organization and our operating units on many D + I initiatives.

Our approach to D + I addresses the issue in a systematic and structured manner. We believe this is the only way to achieve the lasting culture change that we seek across our organizations and to drive long-term, sustainable results.